Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Halloween 2011

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Penny turns 1

Penny turned 1 on November 16, 2011.  We had a "Princess Themed" family party at the park.  Pizza, cake, pinata, presents, and play time.  Penny had a blast, especially with the cake. 
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Penny Monster

Oh, my sweet Penny.  You are a monster.  But, you are the sweetest monster that I've ever met.
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Go Toros

Rachel Crandall invited Abbie and Lillie to the Lil' Toros cheer camp. It was so cute. They got to go to a cheer clinic and learn dances, cheers, and have pizza. Then, they got to cheer during the first part of the game. It was super hot out, but so fun to see these little cuties. It was crazy seeing so many people from high school with their little ones in the clinic. There's no way that we are all that old!
Lara Crandall got Lucy an outfit too. She loved it! She felt like she was one of the big girls. Everytime we tried to get her to make the Toro sign, it always ended up being the peace sign.

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Lillie the artist

We got a note home from school in October saying Lillie's art teacher had entered her for artist of the month for the district and she was picked. Her artwork was hung in the hallway of the district offices on display for the whole month. She was one of two selected from her school. Of course we had to go view her beautiful masterpiece.

Way to go Lillie!
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Lillie truned 7!

Lillie's actual birthday was just how she wanted it.

Breakfast in bed
Checked out of school for lunch and Build-a-Bear
Spicy soup for dinner
presents with the fam

Lucy gave her new panties. Lillie was kind of embarassed.

Abbie gave her 2 new snow globes. Abbie and Lillie are obsessed with snow globes

We gave her an ipod. She was super excited, she's wanted one for a while.
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Lillie's 7th Birthday Party

Lillie's 7th birthday party was so much fun. She wanted it at the park with just a bunch of fun "sporty" (her word) games. Here was the lineup.

Decorate purses with fabric markers
potato sack race
spin around the baseball bat relay race
3-legged race
unwrap the gum with gloves race

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